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    So, it was 6:45 in the morning when I arrived at the VZ store. People were already lined up to get theirs… I was like… “holy cow” hope I get one .... So, the doors open at 7am.. and one of the Verizon reps comes out and gives her speech about the "Storm" and that they only have 18 available at the store. So the 3rd person in front of me, is a snooty lady,that goes and checks with that Vz rep to find out what's going on because we couldn't hear her when she was talking to the crowd. She comes back all HUFFY and counts from the front to where we are in line. As she begins to count, I was #19 and she gives me a “HA so there”, LOOK and proceeds to ramble on about how she is number 16 and she will definitely be getting her STORM.
    I’m like oh well who cares.. I tried. So, all the people behind me left and I stayed. Then the VZ rep came back out where I was and stated the same thing again that we only have 18, but you are welcome to come into the store to order yours and you'll receive the phone in the mail and we'll give you an instant rebate. So I said “kool”. I sent a text to my wife and told her what the deal was and she agreed I should stay and just order the phone.
    Eventually, they let us in the store and we had to wait like 5 minutes. The snooty lady went ahead and got called. Then 2 more people were called. I was just wandering around until I heard my name. As I was approaching the front desk, I overheard the guy in front of me say he did not qualify to get the storm. So bottom line, I got my storm!!! Woo hoo !!!! I also paid much less because I had some credit from vz.... so I GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! STORM FTW!!!! I really wanted to flash that snooty lady and say LOOK I got one too... but why bother.. I got it and I am ecstatic !!!
    Buyers Remorse: I like the phone and I just hope its having a temporary glitch because they are turning on a bunch of Storm phones.. BUT I am only getting 2 power bars on my antenna..hmm… what happen to 3G??? I thought I had the version network behind me.. I love the phone.. its the S***t!!! The keypad will take some time getting used to it..and the scrolling also takes time, but I am getting there. Emails and SMS works great.. I have no complaints.., just hoping for better reception soon..

    I GOT MY STOOOOORM!!! neener nee ner!!!
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    awesome man glad you got it!! enjoy! i get mine tomorrow "before noon" can hardly wait :P
    11-21-08 04:56 PM