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    I purchased a storm off an acquaintance recently and I love it. The only problem is I have alltel and it is a verizon phone... So currently both companies can't really do customer support.
    Unfortunately the guy I bought it off of doesn't remember the user name he used when he set up the phone. So I can't set up the email to receive mine instead of his.
    I know how to receive the password if I know the user name, but is there a way I can look up the user name?

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    05-14-09 05:02 PM
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    Also, i've already tried wiping the memory... No luck.

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    05-14-09 05:13 PM
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    dont know if that helps but thats how mine was when i set it up
    05-14-09 05:14 PM
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    i mean whatever he set his @vzw.blackkberry should be his BIS username if that is what youre looking for
    05-14-09 05:17 PM
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    Is your friend a Verizon customer? If so, he just needs to call Verizon and have them release the PIN from the BIS account so that you can stop getting his emails, and you can set up your own account using that PIN then.
    05-14-09 05:20 PM
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    He cancelled his service with verizon. I've tried everything he can think of and it keeps saying the password has been sent to my device.

    So far, no password.

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    05-14-09 05:33 PM
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    If the device is activated on Alltel for voice and Blackberry service, go here BlackBerry Internet Service and create a new account. It'll ask for ESN/MEID and PIN. If it says an account already exists, tell it you forgot the password and it'll ask for the PIN, enter the info and you'll get a Message to the device with the username and password. If both of those options fail, then the BB's PIN is still associated with VZW, in which case you'll need to call VZW support or better yet have the original owner call them and ask them to release the PIN from their BIS service.

    Also, another option is in this thread. http://forums.crackberry.com/f86/payg-storm-uk-228165/ See option 3 in the writeup... maybe you'll get lucky the same way.
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    05-14-09 05:52 PM
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    Still no luck.

    Any advice on what setting to change so it just stays on the yahoo app and doesn't show up in my messages?

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    05-14-09 09:07 PM