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    Well, my Storm 1 has let me down, finally, if that is the right choice of words. It has been great though (for a storm 1). My new every two is here and my droid x is on it way. I wanted to wait for the storm 3 but couldnt, storm 1 was dying. All of a sudden I can call anyone that is not on my contacts, bring up the dial pad and the only number that works is zero. When calling voicemail, all I can do is listen to them, there are NO numbers to delete or fast forward or anything. Go to weather.com and entering my zip code works, but where the enter button was, it is now a browser button! Dont know why, I am sure I could wipe and reload, but when will it happen again, how often will I have to do it? This was my first blackberry, and NO I was not ruined by the storm 1 experience. My storm was great, while at verizon I played with the storm 2 and found that I could type faster on mine! My storm screen clicks beautifully, just great really, always has. I will miss it no doubts there. I will miss the blackberry experience, they do many things very well. I wanted the storm 3 but as we are all aware the reality is, it has no official release date and will be an upgraded storm2. It was my first smartphone, and never gave me the problems so many had, I still treasure it, we had a good run. On the brighter side, wy wifes new every two isnt up until Oct, if the storm 3 is out and kick A$$, she can have my droid x, I will take the 3! Update: No I do not want the Iphone, I want flash, I hate Itunes and the way IT has to control everything on the phone. Also, it seems to me that Apple and their fans think they have the greatest thing ever, every time a new product comes out! I dont want a case to allow reception!!! Apple fans are EXTREMELY smug about their corporate controlled devices. I wont use one because of the people that look down at me for not having one, and I know I am not the only one.
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