05-02-10 01:01 AM
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    Bettermost, it's just become too difficult to take you seriously at all, even with a large grain of salt. Perhaps you ought to change your name and start all over again. You used to be such a huge fan of the Storm 2, your sig was even something along the lines of "love my stormie 2" or something silly like that and you posted everywhere about the virtues of the S2. Suddenly, you decided you hated your "stormie 2" and began taking every chance you could to bash it. Now, your new love is another device. I bet you hate all your ex boyfriends, too. This is just so silly.

    I went and played with the Incredible for about an hour. I was seriously interested in it, not because I no longer like my Storm 2 (refuse to call it a "Stormie") but because like many of us, I sometimes simply hunger for something new and different. So, I went with an open mind, hoping to really like it. In the end, I decided I did not. I'm not saying it's a bad phone or even that the Storm is a great phone, only that there were things about the device, chief among them the build and feel of it, that did not meet my expectations, not to mention the operating system (which, as you said, would improve after some time to get used to, ok, I'll accept that). You're just this big fanboi/girl and it's a "this or nothing" approach that simply works against you.

    What seems to be ignored by many, and is something that I cannot verify without actually owning the device, is how well it might work with emails from something OTHER than the standard Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/ domains. Many, many people have emails that reside on servers that are more business related or perhaps with their own domain. My own primary email is that way, my own domain, hosted by GoDaddy. I also keep four other email addresses hosted by other ISPs and, with my BB, all of them come in almost instantly, though the GoDaddy one seems to be the fastest. I suspect that these would not be nearly so fast or even reasonably fast on android OS, but the jury is still out until someone can demonstrate--one way or another--how it works out in real life.

    The bottom line here is, rather than coming across like a fanboi of a particular device, recognize that--as has been said a bazillion times already, but appears to fall on the deaf ears of those who refuse to be objective--all devices have their pros and cons and in most cases, it's a matter of individual experience that causes one to rise to the top, but NOT that the other would not rise to the top for someone else.

    I get my mail right away just like a Blackberry. Im not sure why people think polling is that much slower than push. Im getting all my mail from all my accounts very quickly usually within just a minute or two. No e mail issues here. PLUS if an e mail should go to the junk file I can also retrieve it from the handset not with the BB. I think its really about some people not wanting to try/learn something new. I admit the Android format can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at times. However, in a few weeks im sure it will all become second nature just like the Blackberry did for me in time.
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    I'm with you 100% on that one. I shudder everytime I see someone slip their touchscreen phone, be it iPhone, Storm or Droid, into their pocket. Of course, it seems to be working for them, but I simply cannot fathom this method working for me. All the keys, coins, dirt/dust, pocket lint, etc., plus the pressure and virtual non-protection from bumping, just leaves me thinking "too risky." I have a collection of silicone sleeves that gather dust as a result. Mine is always, always, carried in my belt holster!

    i never do mine unless its dress pants or something and its not often at all. I guess that is where a clamshell BB would be nice LMAO!!
    05-01-10 02:05 PM
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    I use AOL or GMail Both work flawless for me and come in super fast on the Droid. I did love my Stormie until the bad nasty Verizon started with .607 and made her all ******** again.
    05-01-10 02:08 PM
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    1 Its lighter

    2 Typing is easier for me

    3 call volume is better /clearer

    4 The screen is a higher resolution

    5 The browser is MUCH faster

    6 It has a 1Gig processor

    7 8 mega pixel camera

    8 internal software works better

    9 operating system works better

    10 I never have to push a key more than once

    11 zillions more free apps

    12 zillions more pay apps

    13 Google not shimng Bing Bing

    14 Bet I never have a key freeze lockup

    15. I get ALL my e mail ALMOST AS FAST plus my junk e mail if disired

    16. Really now, Shall I continue ????

    Except it's pretty much useless if you're not willing to sync it with GMail and Facebook.
    05-01-10 03:00 PM
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    I use AOL or GMail Both work flawless for me and come in super fast on the Droid. I did love my Stormie until the bad nasty Verizon started with .607 and made her all ******** again.
    +1 on the junk verizon released. Should be ashamed of themselves for pushing that craap
    05-01-10 03:46 PM
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    Yeah, I hear ya', lol...you and many others. But I just know, I KNOW that I will not be so lucky. Honestly though, having it on a belt holster just SEEMS to make sense. Perception, of course, but hey, if it works, do it!

    I always keep my phone in my pocket. Never had any problems with any phone I've had. No replacements, etc. *knocks on wood*
    05-01-10 05:49 PM
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    I agree, but I don't hold RIM responsible...they just let out the various versions and it's up to the carrier to bless it or not. I think VZW was freakin' because of the sticking key returns and so, they were willing to release ANYTHING that resolved that issue.

    I am still waiting (not holding breath) for an update, I'm sick and tired of not being able to use my bluetooth in the car because I simply can't hear anything.

    +1 on the junk verizon released. Should be ashamed of themselves for pushing that craap
    05-01-10 05:51 PM
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    Didn't an earlier firmware release resolve the sticky keys issue though?

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    05-01-10 06:35 PM
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    Sprint scares me financially. They keep losing more money and will be the only Wimax carrier. I think I will wait for a 4G that put out by a healthy company that will be widely supported.
    05-01-10 07:21 PM
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    Well I, like some, don't really care for this latest OS release, but I remember when the first Storm came out and, comparatively, the S2 has no problems. Yeah the Android has garnered a lot of attention, keep in mind that the newness shall wear off. Furthermore, yes there are a lot of apps for the Android and Iphone but most of us are happy with what is being offered to the BB, because, let's face it, you won't put them all on your phone anyway.
    Bettermost, I am very happy for you that your relationship with your new phone is going so well. I am very happy with my S2, even though, sadly, I do pocket mine and there is some lint under the screen. As well, I have had the surepress for so long that I can't imagine a phone not having it. I have even tried to press the screen on other touchscreen phones!
    All in all, the S2 is a fantastic piece of technology that I am happy to call mine.
    05-02-10 12:06 AM
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    Didn't an earlier firmware release resolve the sticky keys issue though?

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    .607 cured sticky keys but created a lot of other software conflicts and issues. It was a very bad move on Verizon's part to push this version of the software.
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    My S2 with 607 keyboard wouldn't work right sometimes. For example, if I was pushing "L" sometimes it would highlight "S". Now I can understand if I'm typing and I'm close to a letter and I make the mistake, but when the keyboard is going berserk on me and jumping key clear across the other side that's too much to handle. I could've lived without the clicky screen just as long as it worked for me 100% of the time. The click touchscreen is great in theory and poor in execution.
    05-02-10 12:15 AM
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    if you don't like the verizon os release, then change to another one, or a hybrid. I did, and haven't looked back against Willy boy's hybrid.
    05-02-10 01:01 AM
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