1. mystic_rhythm's Avatar

    I love my Storm.
    I hate my Storm.
    I love and hate my Storm in the same millisecond. But I really want and need to love it

    I love Crackberry Forums.
    I hate Crackberry Forums.
    I love and hate Crackberry Forums in the same millisecond. But I really want and need to love it

    So with my split soul here, may I suggest that we create a Storm subforum specifically for postings on bugs/issues? Because I'm losing my mind trying to keep track of postings and so many good threads drop off the first page that I think a lot of things get repeated over and over again.

    I realize that it's still Week 1 and that traffic will drop off eventually (at least once some of the patches come) but right now it's very challenging to go actually get some work done, then come back and see a stampede of forum traffic.

    Search helps, but sometimes you just want to see what other people are saying and thinking...without scrolling through 4 pages of threads for a couple of hours.

    How the heck am I going to go to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and manage to catch up when I get back Friday? HUH? HUH????

    (I've already been warned by family that the Storm stays OFF during "family time"...sigh)

    Just a suggestion and only done in the highest respect and admiration for the work the mods do here
    11-26-08 04:52 PM
  2. davemathbn's Avatar
    hummm... Good idea!
    11-26-08 04:56 PM
  3. Clover86's Avatar
    Yes please make a new area for this.
    11-26-08 05:05 PM