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    i have TWO seidio extended batteries 2600mah & i got thru both of them but my S2 use is not even close to moderate .. i always have like 5 apps running in the background & constantly txt, bbm, & use beejiveIM « known to be a battery killer .. but those two batteries help me get the most out of my s2 as for the s3 i have to agree that RiM has a pattern going & Q4 sounds right 4 release .. i'm giving blackberry one last chance s3/OS6 if this doesn't do it then the next fone i get will most likely be a droid .. no fanboy but android has really made some incredible progress in a limited amount of time .. my 2cents

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    Battery life is not a problem for me at all. I use my phone quite a bit but I have a good signal, it never drops from 3g apart from when I wenttyo the seaside the other day. I am running the stock os it came with .436 which will seem ancient. I real
    ly would not change a thing about the phone.

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    I use the regular 1400 standard and a seidio 1700 and if I were to use my device heavily all day without charge, both batteries would be dead by the nights end! I too dont understand how people are getting such long battery life. I love my replacement but both give me the exact same battery life and it cannot be that both batteries are defective!

    I think a lot of it is about how you use your device and what runs in the background.. I run lookout for security. Before that it was smrtguard. I think that may be a part of the issue as well as the way one navigates and clicks
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