1. seriouslyluxurious's Avatar
    I know there are plenty of people out there like me who have not recieved their storm's yet. How are you getting ready for its arrival? What's in your "storm preparedness kit"?

    I am:
    #1 Reading crackberry! (So informative, I'll be ready for just about anything!)
    #2 Saving all those handy-dandy tips and tricks.
    #3 Downloading ringtones. (I'm a fanatic...what can I say?)
    #4 Gettin wallpaper. (I like variety, its the spice of life)
    #5 Getting links to all the apps I need
    #6 Shopping accessories! (Can't be upset about anything when you're shopping!)
    #7 Being nice while letting my disappointment show to VZW...hopefully they will pity my predicament and ship my storm already!!
    #8 Learning BB lingo...ya'll have a language all your own.
    #9 Backing up info/pics/vids etc from my old phone to transfer to my new storm.
    #10 Trying to keep myself busy and not pout because I don't HAVE my storm yet.

    ...Well what are YOU doing in the meantime?...
    11-24-08 03:49 AM