1. thewolf's Avatar
    I'm very obsessive compulsive with my Storm. Tonigfht, i was lying in the back seat of a car when the back of the storm hit my cane which was lying flat on the floor. How would i know if there is any damage inside?

    01-10-09 11:39 PM
  2. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Well... does your phone work? I dropped my phone out of my mom's car, which is a BIG car, Mercedes GL 450 SUV...
    It landed face down right on concrete(I had my hard cover on it, so no outer damage at all on my phone, though the protector was a bit scratched.

    But, my phone works fine, no damage at all, so I'm sure you won't have any problems with inside damage in your storm, as long as it worked right after the fall.
    01-10-09 11:44 PM
  3. aseretis@verizon.net's Avatar
    If the phone works then you should be fine.

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    01-10-09 11:59 PM
  4. passtheflask's Avatar
    i got pissed off one night and threw my storm from halfway down a flight of about 10 stairs onto a table and it landed on its back (i have a silicon case) and its 100% fine. nothing sounds lose or anything, and it works normal. so i doubt a cane did any damage
    01-11-09 12:11 AM
  5. CrackberryMike's Avatar
    Does it work? Do you hear any parts rattling around? How do the calls sound?
    01-11-09 12:40 AM
  6. CrackberryMike's Avatar
    Hey passtheflask? Maybe you should learn when to say when.
    01-11-09 12:41 AM
  7. passtheflask's Avatar
    Hey passtheflask? Maybe you should learn when to say when.
    anger problems once they start its hard to stop... a shame my storm was in the middle though. it survived without any injury
    01-11-09 12:47 AM
  8. thewolf's Avatar
    Everything seems to be fine...what would I see if there was damage to the radios or chips?
    01-11-09 01:25 AM
  9. xxfire's Avatar
    If the phone works... Nothing is broke

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    01-11-09 02:17 AM