07-03-10 01:38 PM
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  1. goliath777's Avatar
    i thought my friend had done it. i just tried and the browser isnt supported. So why would I want to use the usirius if i have to have my phone connected to my pc in order to listen? Why not just listen on pc? or am i mis-reading the thread?
    03-15-09 10:16 PM
  2. HDBiker's Avatar
    Search for the Usirius thread for a link. I don't have enough post to post the link.
    03-17-09 07:14 PM
  3. goliath777's Avatar
    thanks for the reply. the link is not the issue. What i didnt understand was why someone would want to use usirius when you have to have the application open on BB and PC in order to use. That didnt make sense to me. I could have read the thread wrong but thats what i got from it. If that is not the case and you could tell me how this works that would be great. thanks
    03-17-09 10:42 PM
  4. SourD's Avatar
    your pc redirects the streams from sirius to a place that you can get it from. for instance, using orb you can listen directly from your phone but your pc has to be on with the application running. that allows you to use it anywhere.
    03-17-09 10:58 PM
  5. goliath777's Avatar
    that just doesnt seem very practical if you have to have orb running on your computer. what if you are not at your computer or its hibernating or off? maybe i dont understand it correctly.
    03-18-09 12:00 AM
  6. shocking4life's Avatar
    the point of orb is for the computer to be on to then stream your media to the phone. pics, videos, documents, etc for freee
    03-18-09 02:58 AM
  7. tonytwotoes's Avatar
    @goliath777 - if your in your car/someone else's car/plane/park/subway/walking around town/movie theater before the show starts/on vacation.. anywhere where you are away from your computer and sirius unit - you can listen to sirius.... i keep my computer on 24/7 so the idea of having it running doesn't come as a surprise to me (just set your monitor to turn off) ... i hope this clears it up for you if not you fail at imagination
    03-18-09 06:58 AM
  8. shocking4life's Avatar
    tonytwotwos do u happen to still have the uSiruis setup file??
    03-18-09 08:49 AM
  9. buezerdude's Avatar
    I cant download the xm millard software either. Does anyone have the program or a new link. Please help! I am a new user and I got the orb program running but I need uXM to continue. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
    03-18-09 12:03 PM
  10. zima's Avatar
    Does anyone know why I receive this message:

    Access denied
    You are not authorized to access this page.

    When clicking on this link:

    uXM Release Candidate 4 | Millard Software
    03-18-09 12:11 PM
  11. ryannemeth's Avatar
    03-18-09 02:05 PM
  12. shocking4life's Avatar
    Thank you very much ryannemeth!!!
    03-18-09 03:10 PM
  13. saltysteve's Avatar
    I'm having a problem too. Access denied. The above link is for sirus. Will that work for Xm too?

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    03-21-09 09:54 AM
  14. Dyzrv's Avatar
    very kool....
    03-21-09 10:39 AM
  15. conodor's Avatar
    can you start listening to the XM when your away from the PC? Like if i'm at work can i launch the XM listener?

    Also, when i was listening online before after 2 hours it would time out. Is this still an issue?
    03-21-09 10:44 AM
  16. BlackberryGreenhorn's Avatar
    They did merge didn't they guys?
    I think they did but you still have to pay for each one. I have Sirius, but in order to listen to XM, I have to pay extra for those channels. Kinda sucks.
    03-21-09 10:47 AM
  17. gun138's Avatar
    I had the Orb working perfectly for a week, but now I keep getting this message on my Storm " Restart Orb " Now I tried to restart it on my PC and I logged out on the storm and re-logged in but it still says restart Orb. Anyone know what to do.... Pleas help
    03-21-09 11:13 AM
  18. Pickle_Me's Avatar
    Helpful guide, thanks
    03-21-09 12:01 PM
  19. conodor's Avatar
    i keep getting the same problem. also it says codec error.
    03-27-09 05:58 AM
  20. Yesterdays Shoveler's Avatar
    i keep getting the same problem. also it says codec error.
    I think XM streaming is down at the moment, not sure if Sirius is too.
    03-27-09 08:57 AM
  21. browerjs's Avatar
    Sirius is working fine for me... I was getting the codec error 10 days ago, and that's because the free stream was over. Now you have to pay $2.99 a month if you want streaming, and you have to sign up for it. I'd check that...
    03-27-09 09:20 AM
  22. conodor's Avatar
    good point. It worked great for about 6 days then just stopped...

    ok i just logged online and i was able to still listen on my PC, just doesn't send it to my orb/storm.

    (update 2)
    ok just logged into Orb from my laptop to my main PC, and was able to listen to XM on my laptop. So the problem must be with my storm.

    It's strange though i can stream other internet stations or video channels. So that would say it has something to do with my Storm and running the XM channels. Today every time i click an XM channel it says "Restart Orb" i can hit back and click a non XM channel and it launches it no problem.
    Last edited by conodor; 03-29-09 at 03:56 PM.
    03-29-09 02:23 PM
  23. azheliflyer's Avatar
    Ok i found the problem and got the fix for everyone using XM, like you the last week or so its been giving me the same error on my BB. The problem is XM changed the URL's the are streaming the channels on. So to fix it you need to change the URL's on Orb. And the only way I found to do that is to delete what channels you have on there and re add them. Hope this fixes everyones issue......
    04-03-09 11:57 AM
  24. garpt's Avatar
    Hi All,
    I have been using this technique with little success- I set up- cut and paste something like 30 of my favorite sirius stations- only to have ORB go buggy after anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. Codec errors, General Failures, Server not found, URL not found, exception errors...You name it. I searched and searched, here, Google, etc. Finally, I was suggested to try Moodio.FM, and BINGO!! I have now enjoyed Sirius on my Bold for two days, trouble free. Quick, easy, and so far, trouble free. I put this out there to help the probably hundreds or more I have read with similar problems. Give it a try--- If you need instructions, email me @ garpt@optonline.net for fastest response.
    Hope this Helps!!
    04-03-09 07:31 PM
  25. jonw757's Avatar
    I had to change my stream type under orb settings on the phone to 3GP-AAC/RTSP format to get it to work on my Storm running .113 hyrbid
    04-06-09 10:08 AM
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