07-03-10 01:38 PM
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  1. stevcha's Avatar
    How do I do this for Videos that I have on my computer? I can not get Orb to find any of my videos.
    Make sure you're sharing the folder where your videos are. Right click on the Orb icon in your system tray and select configuration. Then go to the media tab and just add the appropriate folders where your videos are.
    12-18-08 09:15 PM
  2. stevcha's Avatar
    For those of you that encountered the unknown exception error you might want to try to uninstall and reinstall Orb on your computer. Go to Orb's website and download the cleanup utility then reinstall:

    12-18-08 09:21 PM
  3. WhiteoutMD's Avatar
    This works GREAT

    Now is there a way to have to two people on the audio part at the same time? I set up two usurers me and the wife, When the second storm connects to any of the audio sources it stops. Is there a work around? I did see that you can change the speed seatings for streaming will this work? Also the picture quality on the storm is stinks is there a way to make it better? on a remote desk top they look great
    12-19-08 12:05 AM
  4. WhiteoutMD's Avatar
    OK I have a question I see and get the xm stations on my storm, When I allow my wife to log on to my Orb account I see all my ITunes music but not the xm radio links I made. Am I forgetting something? Every thing else works. O ya I still can't figure out how to get my Itunes play-list in my orb account. I can only see the individual songs. When you have a large collection like I do Play list are invaluable so if anyone knows how to make this work I would appreciate it. Thanks
    12-19-08 10:21 PM
  5. quickmedic1's Avatar
    i am getting "unknown exception on your pc running orb" when trying to get xm radio also. i can see pictures but no video and xm....can someone please assist me with this...thanks joe

    running win xp sp3
    no firewall
    have orb and uxm running
    copied the address correctly
    I too am getting this error message. Every time I have to delete the xm stations from favorites and reinstall the urls. After that it works again. I also have a radio station called KNAC. That seems to work without any problems. It seems to to related only to xm for me.
    12-28-08 09:07 PM
  6. dubge's Avatar
    Thanks for the setup, I do have one question, if I am not listening to this on my storm is this still going against my usage for my home internet connection? If so does anyone have an idea how much this uses being left on all the time?


    ** OH one more question, do I have to keep the orb page open or just running in the taskbar???
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    12-29-08 11:42 AM
  7. devils6258's Avatar

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-29-08 11:52 AM
  8. zoli10's Avatar
    They did merge didn't they guys?
    They merged, but its not as if anyone with an account on either has access to both. You need an upgraded premium package to access all content. So I imagine this means that there are differences in what you can access on your Storm.
    12-29-08 11:52 AM
  9. fritz_suby's Avatar
    So you don't actually download any software to the phone? Everything is downloaded to the computer and then you access it from your phone simply by opening your browser and going to Orb.com?

    I'm not sure if anyone answered this question but when you are on your device, go to the bottom and click on settings. Then go to the stream tab and make sure that 3gp (the first option) is selected. BB's do not use WMP, they use the 3gp format. And that should work for you!
    01-03-09 03:52 PM
  10. Haltech's Avatar
    umm ok, when i goto open the ASX stream after it downloads, the media player on the storm shows unsupported format. Umm, whats going on? lol
    01-03-09 05:13 PM
  11. tehmonkeh's Avatar
    just a note, I saw it mentioned once (may have overlooked it more than that) but I couldn't get mine to stream or to play, I had it running for about 5 minutes but it was really choppy, then nothing..if you go into the settings in orb and change it to 3gp it's working perfectly ever since.

    PS. Thanks for the instructions on how to set this up
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    01-03-09 05:21 PM
  12. firebird69's Avatar
    Wow, this is great, I have access to Sirius and my whole computer. Thank you to OP for the instructions on how to make this work.
    Now that I am listening to Sirius in car, does anyone pay for the Premium Internet Sound from them and is it worth it over the regular Sirius internet feed?
    01-03-09 07:28 PM
  13. pkasin's Avatar
    There was, at one point, a 3rd party app shown on the parent of this thread that allowed you to have an ORB ICON on your BB handheld to immediately connect (like a shortcut) to Orb. Does anyone know why this was taken down?

    In answer to many questions I've seen... if your Orb setup isn't working, try logging in, going to setup general, and then change format to Orb flash player. I also was successful sometimes with 3gp format. You can get to the format page by logging into your account at mycast.orb.com, and selecting settings.

    Those who asked about using with a MAC... in order to be able to use ORB you need to have a computer running Windows - at least on ONE end. Orb takes videos/audio/pictures/files/TV from a PC and makes it available for broadcast to your other device which you log in with thru the internet. You can receive your stream on a Mac (I do...), but you need a PC to transmit your stuff outward. I hope this makes sense.

    I have had excellent results streaming video using Orb to my Storm BB 9530 running OS I literally streamed live TV and recorded videos for a few hours yesterday while on the road.
    01-05-09 12:35 PM
  14. pkasin's Avatar
    Use 3gp/AAC - I made a mistake.
    01-05-09 12:46 PM
  15. solutiondj's Avatar
    i have been working on this for about 2 hours and still no luck streaming audio yet. i have setup orb and usirius. i can get it to stream no problem on my PC. i have set orb to stream at 3gp acc and i tried all others. i can view images but cannot stream any audio whatsoever. the error i get on my storm is "an error has occured attempting to play the media.

    any help would be appretiated.

    01-06-09 08:05 PM
  16. losman54's Avatar
    Do you have to have the uSirius running on for BB Storm? I noticed that you have to have it running on your desktop in order to listen to Sirius Radio through ORB.

    I also noticed that the application tab on my storm is not selectable...i can log on but when I select (and it does get highlighted) it doesn't drop down various option to get to Audio. I don't know the correction that I have here at my house is not 3G just 1X most of the time.
    01-07-09 01:11 PM
  17. WERA_Cannoli's Avatar
    I can't get the channels to load for XM. Any ideas?

    15:25:59 - Logging in to XM...
    15:26:02 - Login successful.
    15:26:02 - Loading channel lineup...
    15:26:02 - Unable to load channel lineup.
    01-07-09 02:26 PM
  18. medic552's Avatar
    Can you use your curve 8330 with orb ?
    01-07-09 02:57 PM
  19. kermalou's Avatar
    I can't get it to get the channel lineups for sirius:

    13:39:09 - uSirius v1.0RC8 (2008-10-13)
    13:39:09 - 2007 - 2008 Millard Software
    13:39:09 -
    13:39:09 - No configuration found.
    13:39:09 - Please check your settings.
    13:39:25 - Logging in to Sirius...
    13:39:35 - Unable to login.
    13:39:35 - Please check your settings.
    13:42:52 - Logging in to Sirius...
    13:43:13 - Login successful.
    13:43:13 - Loading channel lineup...
    13:43:13 - Downloading categories...
    13:43:33 - Unable to load channel lineup.
    13:43:59 - Logging in to Sirius...
    13:43:59 - Login successful.
    13:43:59 - Loading channel lineup...
    13:43:59 - Downloading categories...
    13:44:19 - Unable to load channel lineup.
    any ideas?

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    01-07-09 03:46 PM
  20. fillossofer's Avatar
    Thanks! This is great!! I have XM and they want $8/mo for XM Mobile and it doesn't work on the Storm.

    Yet another reason I love my BB!
    01-07-09 04:19 PM
  21. mattg56's Avatar
    This is cool. Set it up in minutes.

    I guess this is needed because the online access to Sirius does not work on the Storm browser?
    01-07-09 07:29 PM
  22. mattg56's Avatar
    Also, I closed out uSirius and it is still working... what is usirius for? just the link?

    I am getting some skipping....

    I have a high signal from Verizon and I am running 20/5 Verizon FIOS Internet. CPU is pretty old... 1.8Ghz P4 OC'd to about 2Ghz, but that should be plenty fast enough.

    Stopped ORB on the phone and restarted... getting the Codec error all of the sudden. THen the phone rebooted
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    01-07-09 07:30 PM
  23. kylew001's Avatar
    Works PERFECT!!!! Thank you very much --- Howard at work NOW!!! ---This is why I subscribed to Sirius...again Thank you!
    01-07-09 07:42 PM
  24. WERA_Cannoli's Avatar
    Yep, I deleted the cache in the app and it took. Sweet!
    01-07-09 07:44 PM
  25. Daryey's Avatar
    I loaded everything as per your great instructions, the stream works on my pc but when I go on my storm to orb www dot orb dot com and log in I can access settings to chnage to 3gp or cant access any of the content on the page I just see the menu items "My Home" and "open Application" clicking either doesnt do anything and cant access the seetings on the top menu .

    what am I doing wrong
    01-13-09 11:18 PM
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