1. Dankees's Avatar
    I know how to set-up e-mail filters, but how can I make those e-mails appear in a different color, like red or blue?

    Also, how I can specify that those give me a buzz when they arrive? I did this on my wife's phone, but I got a new phone, and I can't recall how exactly I set it up.

    I text people to "...@VText.com" & "...@TXT.ATT.net" so that I don't use up my text messages allowance. I want to get a buzz when I get a reply from "*@VText.com" & "*@TXT.ATT.net"
    09-06-10 09:34 AM
  2. willie498's Avatar
    There's the application i know if you look in the Application store for it where you can change the LED colours I know... As for the buzz, it should be under the options for the Vibrate profile under "Advanced"
    09-06-10 10:31 PM