02-07-09 09:29 PM
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  1. gqathu's Avatar
    6 months...

    This time however we'll see what's out...Sort of at the end of rope here with the Storm...
    02-07-09 06:51 PM
  2. armedtank's Avatar
    Usually about a year, hoping RIM comes out with the Storm II with an even larger screen before the end of 09.
    02-07-09 07:00 PM
  3. PhatTimmy's Avatar
    This is my problem, and I'm hoping for the same outcome. My wife is hoping the same thing for me.
    I normally make it a year before getting bored. The Storm is my first BB and I believe I have found the first phone I will keep thru my contract and maybe beyond.
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    02-07-09 07:24 PM
  4. sho95's Avatar
    About a year for me and most of them with a screen protector or silicone case. That way when I'm done I can sell it to pay for the next phone I get.
    02-07-09 07:52 PM
  5. PerryNY's Avatar
    The last couple of months Blackberry has been very busy putting out new devices so as long as they pump them out I will be buying them. So to answer the post question, about every 3 months.
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    02-07-09 07:55 PM
  6. V-StromTrooper's Avatar
    I usually keep my phones for at least 2 years for the new every 2 deal.
    02-07-09 08:00 PM
  7. AgTitan06's Avatar
    my works buys me a new one every 12 months.
    02-07-09 08:01 PM
  8. rushringleader's Avatar
    I keep mine for 20 months atleast or even wait a few more if something nice is coming out like I did for the storm. Came from a LG generic free flip to this!

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    02-07-09 08:02 PM
  9. Dplymkr88's Avatar
    If I like the phone I will keep it for as long as I continue to like the phone. I would try to upgrade at the 2 year mark but if after 2 years I'm still lovin the Storm...I'll keep it around. I have a feeling I'm going to hold onto this one for a while.
    02-07-09 08:27 PM
  10. bkr6891's Avatar
    My wife would love to answer this one! Rarely longer than a year!! :-)
    02-07-09 08:45 PM
  11. texas1's Avatar
    i keep my phones two years then renew when its cheap to get the latest newest one
    02-07-09 08:51 PM
  12. MartyMcfly's Avatar
    Before I was addicted to the blackberry I would keep phones for atleast one year. I got my first dose in August with the curve, I added a line and got the storm in November. I'm not going to lie I plan on selling the curve when the bold or 8900 gets released on Verizon. I like the storm I just want another option with a physical keyboard.

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    02-07-09 09:29 PM
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