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    I took a couple videos on my phone earlier and it said it saved them to the memory card. So I'm trying to figure out how to get the videos off my phone and onto my computer. I have tried emailing them with no luck at all. I plug in the usb to the phone and computer and there is nothing showing up but my music. Does anyone have any ideas that can help me? Thanks!
    05-23-09 04:29 AM
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    anyone? really want to figure this out.
    05-23-09 08:27 AM
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    If you dont have your device in mass storage mode, you should be able to access the memory card as a drive when you plug the phone into the computer. You should be able to navigate to the video folder. Just be aware that there will be two blackberry drives. One for the device and one for the memory card. Make sure you get the right one.

    You can also use DM to access it using media manager. If you need help with any of this...please reply and ill be happy to walk you through it when I get back on here!
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    05-23-09 08:29 AM
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    Yes you should be able to navigate to the video and then copy it to your pc, or if you have stored your video on your sd card you could even take the card out, and use a card reader to access it.

    You may have to convert the video from 3gp to another format such as .AVI if you cannot view it on your pc. (or use quicktime)

    good luck.
    05-23-09 09:43 AM
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    Found it, thanks a lot guys!
    05-23-09 03:51 PM