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    I'm thinking about replacing my Storm with a new one. Haven't actually decided yet. It "sometimes" wont respond to my touch or click in the area just above the red end call button. It does work if you touch it 3 to 5 times when it gets this way. Other than that, the phone is perfect, so I'm not so crazy about replacing it and going through all the set up again. Anyway, here's my real issue with replacement...On my old phone (a Windows Mobile Samsung), you downloaded all your 3rd party apps to a PC, then installed them on the phone. If you replaced that phone, you just hooked it up to your PC and re-installed. With the Storm, I've got a couple of apps (games and Garmin Mobile) that I purchased and installed OTA. If I replace this phone, how do I get them re-installed, as I don't have the installation files on my PC? As a side note, one or more of them required my PIN when I bought them, and a new phone will have a new PIN. Is that an issue?


    12-28-08 07:06 PM
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    No worries. Check out the main How-To forum for the guide on backing up 3rd party applications. Then when you get the new device you can restore to it. But make sure to keep the activation codes.
    12-28-08 07:08 PM
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    So the different PIN wont be a problem?

    12-28-08 07:21 PM
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    The PIN will only be an issue if the software is PIN based. If it is you can generally contact the vendor to have your information switched.

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    12-28-08 07:23 PM
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    I know Bplay will allow you to change PINs twice a year
    12-28-08 07:39 PM
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    Forgive my ignorance, but this will be my first bb replacement and I want it to go as smooth as as possible. What about all of my BIS settings. I seem to remember that the login is based on my PIN. How does that and all my email setups work?


    12-28-08 09:54 PM
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    Any thoughts on this? Does BIS have to be set up with a new PIN or does that happen automatically?


    12-29-08 10:36 AM
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    Any thoughts on this? Does BIS have to be set up with a new PIN or does that happen automatically?


    Did you ever get a response to this?
    12-29-08 02:11 PM
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    for the BIS stuff go here:

    Log in or remember un/pw to gain access.

    Once logged in go to Change Device under Settings and change the PIN to your new device and it will push everything back down to your new device
    12-29-08 02:31 PM
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    12-29-08 02:54 PM