1. jean11011's Avatar
    Just wondering if there's any settings on the phone that does this?

    Whenever somebody from my contact list with a photo calls, the photo appears really small and I want it to be fullscreen like on iPhones...
    07-17-09 11:33 AM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    You cannot... it's not a native capability.
    07-17-09 11:34 AM
  3. jean11011's Avatar
    Oh okay...any apps that does this?
    07-17-09 11:45 AM
  4. robrowald's Avatar
    yep there is. Toysoft Development, Inc. - full screen picture id for blackberry
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    07-17-09 12:59 PM
  5. jean11011's Avatar
    thank you very much!
    07-18-09 09:10 PM
  6. floydiannyc's Avatar
    Are you ****ting me? Yet another thing that should be native to the Storm RIM dropped the ball on!

    edit:I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Storm. I've made many posts about how and why this is a great product. But come on! No native PDF? No full screen picture id capability? Things like this are what prevent the Storm from...well...you know.
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    08-14-09 12:42 PM
  7. DikaiaKnight's Avatar
    Weak bb storm fail

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    08-14-09 12:44 PM