1. Gameking72's Avatar
    Title says all.

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    01-01-09 05:12 PM
  2. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Moved. PLEASE post new threads in the correct Storm sub-forum. Thanks.
    01-01-09 05:14 PM
  3. jenaywins's Avatar
    Try using the search function here on the forums.

    There are threads with detailed step by step instructions on how to properly upgrade and downgrade.
    01-01-09 05:14 PM
  4. Latin Thug's Avatar
    Say way you upgraded! Just download the older OS you want to use and install
    01-01-09 05:15 PM
  5. Gameking72's Avatar
    Moved where I posted in how to...

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    01-01-09 08:51 PM
  6. polska9's Avatar
    it wont let me downgrade ive erased all other os's and just have the one that i want installed. then i open up DM and nothing happens. do i need to wipe the device? or any other suggestions?
    01-02-09 12:11 PM
  7. jenaywins's Avatar
    Yes, you will need to wipe the device.

    Again, did you search for the proper downgrade instructions?
    01-02-09 12:16 PM
  8. polska9's Avatar
    i wiped it with jl-cmder and when i open up dm nothing happens. i go to apploader and im not sure what to do next?
    01-02-09 12:36 PM
  9. dms936's Avatar
    is your BB showing error 507 and a white screen?

    check out the BB 101 Lecture series, this is covered in the article

    oh, i read your post again. You can click update software or add remove programs. then if given the choice choose the operating system to install
    01-02-09 12:53 PM
  10. polska9's Avatar
    ya there was a white screen with the 507 error. anyways i just loaded the loader.exe in the apploader folder and everything worked out fine. but i was freaking out for a minute there.
    01-02-09 01:15 PM