02-20-09 08:11 AM
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    This is how crackberry should be. A month ago this person would have been ripped apart for their question. Its nice to see everyone is helpful again

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    Yes, indeed. I have stayed away from here because people were so mean. It does seem better now.
    02-19-09 09:36 PM
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    I was on the phone with Blackberry tech support for some issue and they had me do a battery pull to see if it would fix the problem. I asked her if the unit should be on or off. She said that with the newer phones a battery pull does a better job if the unit is on. Hope this helps.
    02-20-09 07:17 AM
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    3 sec. I could never get any of those quick pull things to work, kept getting errors...
    02-20-09 07:21 AM
  4. hoofingbloke's Avatar
    I use quickpull, no problems and you dont need to remove sleeve/skin/cases etc. Only issue is that it wont schedule a reboot if the device is locked which is a bummer. Else I would set it to schedule a reboot at 2-3AM.

    Have all that memory waiting for me in the morning
    02-20-09 07:35 AM
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    I do in more complicating way, first memory clean, second power off, third battery pull an re insert after 10 seconds.

    I just fell more confident this way

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    02-20-09 07:56 AM
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    3 sec. I could never get any of those quick pull things to work, kept getting errors...
    Same here. Could those of you who are using QuickPull without any problems please post your permission settings for Quickpull, and also if you have change any setting that fixed a problem? I've been been reading through Quickpull threads, and there's a mix of users with no problems and others with error messages, but definite answer on what needs to be tweaked setting wise.

    I'm currently getting the error message that says "QuickPull is requesting changes to its application control permissions". I've read that people use a workaround involving changing all of the Email Setup Application's permissions to ALLOW, but it's been advised against by Zaventh.

    Compatability Mode is disabled, and during the download when I got prompted with the request for Quickpull requests, I allowed. Not sure what else to look for.

    Please let us know.

    EDIT: Trying again, and getting these error messages:

    "The device is required to reset to complete module installation or removal. Notice 1 of 5. Reset Now. Reset Later."

    "Uncaught exception: no application instance"

    Got them both when trying to run the app to do a reset.
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    02-20-09 08:11 AM
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