1. HHHBigFan's Avatar
    I just spilt a little bit of sprite on my screen and now it has that grainy feeling to it. It is also sticky a little bit where the power button is. Can anybody help and tell me how to best get this back to normal? Thanks!
    04-20-10 03:38 PM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    tape it to the hood of your car and go to the nearest car wash.

    or put it in your dishwasher and choose the "potscrubber" mode.

    or, lastly, just use a damp rag, or a bit of windex, or Klear Screen on a rag. wipe dry. Klear Screen is a polymer which works wonders on phones and LCD screens (glass or plastic)
    04-20-10 03:42 PM
  3. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    I clean my screen all the time with a DAMP (not WET) rag. Water works wonders. I do turn my phone off so that the actuators aren't sensing my pressure. Damp rag followed by a dry cloth and it's good to go.
    04-20-10 03:46 PM
  4. F0nage's Avatar
    Windex but like they said "on the rag!"

    If you spray enough of anything wet on your phone you will kill it and they will know you did that. No refund, no insurance, no exceptions.
    04-20-10 04:21 PM
  5. billowred's Avatar
    I use carwax on the screen just don't get it in the cracks!
    04-20-10 05:53 PM
  6. 1812dave's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure insurance covers you for liquid damage.
    asurion insurance covers you for total LOSS, so it should cover damage from liquid, just like damage from dropping it onto concrete.
    04-20-10 08:34 PM
  7. paintdrinkingpete's Avatar
    Insurance will cover it, but it won't be covered under warranty if they can prove you got liquid in it.

    The key is to use enough moisture to clean the screen, but not enough to cause any drips that could fall through the cracks. Like others have said, usually just a moist rag or paper towel will do the trick.

    If you lock the screen first it is much easier to rub out any debris on the screen.
    04-20-10 09:24 PM
  8. Bettermost's Avatar
    Windex on a paper towel works for me. However the potscrubber cycle in the dish washer might be my next move. Do you add Jet Dry?

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    04-21-10 03:24 AM
  9. bighap's Avatar
    A huff of breath and microfiber works wonders.
    04-21-10 04:13 AM
  10. Alex BB9700's Avatar
    wipe it, soft warm hair dryer breaze, hope it gets better.
    04-21-10 05:53 AM
  11. lcargile's Avatar
    Dude....go to your local hardware store or even Wal-Mart, buy a small bottle of Goo Gone (Its in a little yellow bottle and says either Goo Gone or Goo Off or something to that effect) pour some on a soft rag and whipe it off in a circular motion. The stuff is meant to gently clean off a sensitive area. Do this and you wont be sorry you listened. Deuces.
    04-21-10 09:15 AM