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    I just got my new Blackberry Storm (9500 - uk) this morning.

    I'm thrilled with it, but I cant work out how to get into the menu to check my balance and my number etc which was under the vodafone plus menu before.

    I go to setup press.. then vodafone and i get a little list. i have my vodafone+ highlighted click ok and it goes back to the previous screen with 3 icons (setup wizard, set up bluetooth and vodafone)

    I managed once to get to the next menu which included balance and my number etc but I cant remember what i did and cant seem to get back to it?

    Lastly I want to add a card thingy, can someone tell me what card i need? what is most it will hold? and what are the adaptor thingies for that some of the cards come with?

    There's so many to choose from I dont know which will be best for my Blackberry


    03-27-09 07:47 AM
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    press the blackberry button ???
    03-27-09 07:50 AM
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    I'm a newbie, but might be able to answer the 'card thingy' I'm assuming you mean memory card? I've got an 8gb one in mine, holds 600+ songs on, i've got 3 films on, and also some apps downloaded, and its more than enough, depends what you are going to put on it though.
    Not sure what you mean by leads/adaptor, I've got my usb to micro usb one, usb in pc, micro in BB end, and sync'd with DM. so you dont really need a card reader, just put the stuff straight onto your pc from your phone.
    If you register for a 'my account' with vf, then you can access your account for balance and stuff on t'internet machine (or BB storm lol!)
    Hope this helps.
    03-27-09 07:52 AM
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    Yeah I have online account though everytime i try and top up i start process then get message site is not working properly.. drives me nuts its happened a few times as my old phone was vodafone one too - just used existing SIM card.

    Just thought it would be easier to look on the phone, but it keeps returning to the previous menu when I am trying to get on the list that includes balance, top up, my number.

    Managed to get on to it once and my number was displayed as mixture of letters and question marks, not sure what's going wrong there.

    Re: adaptor . no i dont mean mains one i seen pics of SD cards that come with some kind of adaptor and just wondered what they did but they maybe to fit into card readers like you mentioned.

    what kind of card is yours exactly? 8Gb's sounds enough for me. I'll have a look on amazon for one the same. If you can post link to it I be most grateful.

    Everything else seems to be working fine except getting into the vodafone+ menu and it not showing my phone number correctly.

    Forgot to mention, I'm on a Mac computer, havent installed software that came with it yet, I'm assuming it will be for windows. I have seen a download for Mac users on official Blackberry site that I might try out later. Thought it maybe easier to transfer songs onto card direct before place it in BB rather than having to download mac software.

    Does it play format iTunes saves music/video in? or do I have to convert it to something else first?

    Thanks for your help

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