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    I hope to GOD there is a better, more efficient way to copy/paste on the Storm than what I have seen displayed on the web.

    I am trying to select a confirmation number from an email, but every time I try to copy the one line of text that I want, this damn phone selects the entire paragraph, or extra characters that I do not want.

    On the Curve, it was simple, you just rolled the trackball to the start of the item you wanted to select, but with this touchscreen is there any way to accurately select the EXACT beginning and END point? Or do you just have to hope and pray that your large fingers happen to land on the right spot, which is impossible.

    And I know you are supposed to be able to click on any text you may have "missed", but this doesnt help if you select too much. Conversely, I've tried deselecting the extra text and it does not work at all. Come on RIM, how can you advertise something like this that fails so miserably?

    Please tell me I'm wrong.
    01-05-09 05:49 PM
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    Tap the beginning point and end point with two fingers. If after that it needs to be finetuned, just hold on the screen close to where the edit needs to happen. The curser will turn from a blue box into a white box with black outline. Now you can move left, right, up, down, to move and fine select things. Once you do it a couple of times, it'll be easier.
    01-05-09 06:00 PM
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    As I have mentioned previously, see if you can tap on your screen or otherwise evoke the lower horizontal tool bar that contains hand/pan or arrow/point and switch to arrow - this may improve your accuracy.

    Lately I too have become concerned about one aspect of copy/paste in and perhaps this belongs in what you would like to see in a new OS. Moderator may move at his discretion.

    I notice the following when editing internet addresses previously pasted within MemoPad: select a segment of text is overwhelming gently touching the screen and waiting for the cursor to change from solid to empty rectangle, which would allow one to position to a new edit point. Once a segment of text is highlighted/selected, I can't seem to just hit the back key to de-select - it closes the MemoPad instance. Of course, both of these operations (select segment and reposition edit point) are critical elements of copy and paste on the Storm. Either I need to learn more here or RIM needs to clean this up and support a balance between these two critical elements !

    Doctor Neutron
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    01-19-09 09:37 AM
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    awesome civic.....i have done that by accident before and couldnt figure out how to do it agian! thanks
    01-19-09 09:42 AM
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    Maybe this will help.

    01-19-09 10:36 AM
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    i've always wanted to know this myself.. thank you for the tips.
    01-19-09 11:36 AM