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    Can anyone help me figure out how to change my default email address on my phone.

    here is what i have tried so far.

    I have also gone into settings>advanced Options>default services and tried saving different email addresses as the default(calendar and Messaging witch are the only two options in this menu). Originally I had the address I wanted saved. When I tried changing the address for both calendar and messaging to all of my other email addresses, my default address would not change. I have tried batt. pulls between changes with no help.

    I saw somewhere that your last email address you add to your phone becomes your default one. So I deleted the address I wanted to be default and reinstalled it thru the Email setting app. I have gotten the notices back to my phone for that email but when I try to compose an email and use the default, my menu will not give me an option to send. But I can send an email from any address I have on my phone just can't send one with the default option.

    I have also tried looking on the email settings page from my phone and my computer and I don't see anywhere on there, a place to set a default email address.

    Please help, Thanks
    03-05-09 12:56 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    You went to the right place. Options / Advanced Options / Default Services is where you set the default. Click the selection for Messaging and you should see all the email services that are configured on your device. Select the one you wish to be your default.

    Obviously you figured that out and it didn't work. A couple of things may be happening. One, it's not possible to reply to an email message using a different service than the one that received it. The BB will always reply to a message using the same email account that received it, regardless of your default setting.

    The second potential source of confusion is that the BlackBerry will remember the last email address you used for a particular contact, and use that one as the default the next time you email that contact. Once you get the correct email service associated with a contact, it will stay correct until you change it.
    03-05-09 09:48 PM