1. gmbpilot757's Avatar
    Hey guys-

    As I'm sure we're all trying to figure the quirks out of these things, I have a couple issues that I'm seeming to have:

    1) I have no voicemails yet at the top of the screen under the time and date, I still have that voicemail icon. You know, the 1- looking thing? I talked to my buddy and he doesn't have the icon. Like I said, no voicemails in the inbox.

    2) I have my hotmail account set up on the phone yet I'm not receiving any of my hotmail emails. I've delted the account twice, gotten the notification from BB that it's now an active acount on the phone, get the first email (a test I send myself from the computer) and then nothing!

    Any advice would be great. Thanks-

    11-21-08 08:07 PM
  2. Roseberry's Avatar
    As far as the hotmail issue... just curious are you signed into windows messenger on your computer at the time you are sending the e-mails? Once you exit the program on your computer you should begin to receive your e-mails on your BB. Hope this helps!
    11-25-08 05:29 PM