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    I've only had my Storm for a few days and have encountered my first problem:

    When I am on the home screen and enter options through the menu button I can change my wallpaper or select how many rows of icons I want. If I exit out and try to get back in, nothing happens when I click options, the menu disappears and I stay on the screen with all the icons. A battery pull sets things right and I can get into home screen options once, then the same thing happens.

    This morning when I first started messing around with changing the wallpaper this wasn't an issue. I changed wallpaper 4 or 5 times back to back with no problem. Then this problem occurred. I did my first battery pull and home screen options worked two or three times, then nothing. Another battery pull. Now I can use home screen options one time, then I need to pull the battery.

    I still have the orignal .75 software installed. Any idea what's going on?
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    01-15-09 07:38 PM
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    I have the same issue. Not sure what the deal is. A battery pull solves the issue but it is annoying. I've just stopped fussing with that menu option. Also running .75
    01-15-09 07:41 PM
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    Since it seems like a software issue I'm hoping it clears up when they release a new OS. I just figured I'd post and see if anyone else has seen it and if they've been able to resolve it.
    01-15-09 07:45 PM
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    It's a known bug with the .75 OS...
    01-15-09 08:02 PM
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    Thanks. I did try to search for that but there is sooo many posts on this board that it is hard to wade through them, even with the search function.
    01-15-09 08:10 PM