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    Home Screen Icon Settings
    While in main menu, hit the BB menu key. Select Options. In the Set Home Screen Icon Layout, you can choose 1 3 Rows. One row will give you more screen real estate for your wallpaper. In addition, Wallpaper can be changed here too.
    Note while in the main menu, the icons in the top row is what will appear on the Home Screen.

    Main Menu Settings / Move Icons
    Icons can be placed however you want them. Highlight one > press menu > select Move > tap where you want it to be > press menu > select Complete Move. Alternatively, once an icon is highlighted, you can press the menu button twice. Press where you want the icon located, then press menu twice again to complete the move.

    Icon Settings
    The number of icons per row can be set from 1 icon per row to 4 icons per row.
    Menu > Options > Advanced Options > Accessibility. Home Screen Grid Layout. Be sure to hit menu > Save after changing any settings.
    (Contrast can also be set in this screen. Reverse Contrast is worth looking at..)

    Select links while browsing the internet
    With the browser open, a row of icons is at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the one in the middle, an arrow (cursor). Now when you move your finger across the screen, the cursor will follow. Move it over any link and press. Very accurate!

    Edit text that you have already typed.
    Hold your finger over the text, anywhere in the text youve typed, the outline of a rectangle will appear. Now, slide your finger throughout the text and the outline will follow. Tap the screen to place the cursor to begin editing.

    Number Lock
    Hold down the !?123 button on the keyboard. A tiny lock will appear in the upper left hand portion of the key. Now, type all the numbers and symbols you want! Pressing the !?123 button again will remove the lock.

    Keyboard Show/Hide
    With the keyboard showing, swipe downwards over it to have it hidden. If its hidden, swipe up on the screen to have it appear. If these methods fail, you can always hit the menu key and select Show or Hide keyboard.

    Vibrate Mode
    Holding the mute button while locked will put your phone in vibrate mode.

    Touching (but not pressing) a webpage while browsing will put the toolbar away and vice versa. Enables full screen browsing.

    Switching Applications
    Holding the BB key (menu) down will bring up the application switcher. You can also set a convenience key to do the same. It will show the most used applications and let you toggle to them. I understand that there is nothing similar to Windows Task Manager to let us close all active applications. Be sure to use Menu > Close or Exit if you are concerned that too many applications may be running.

    Retrieve Contacts
    Holding the Send key for a short duration will bring up the contacts list instead of the number pad.

    Email/SMS/MMS recipients
    After addressing a message to one or more recipients who have more than one email address assigned to their name(s), you can hover your finger over each name to see which address you chose. Allowing you to verify you chose the right one before sending.

    Setting up your phone Blackberry email address
    Main Menu > Setup > Email Settings > Create your Blackberry email address. You now have an email account accessible only from your Blackberry.
    Note If you need to send a large file, a large MMS for example, to another Blackberry user, you can bypass the MMS file size limit (although it has recently been raised) by sending as an email to their Blackberry phone email address. (I sent a 1.2 mb MMS today using it. Never would happen using the traditional MMS process.)

    Sending Message
    Instead of pressing Menu, highlighting and pressing send, just press the Blackberry Key (menu) twice.

    Free-up Memory
    In landscape mode, BB key > Show Keyboard > Press & hold the !?123 key to enable Num lock > Press "/"/ (The event log will appear) > BB Key > Clear Log > BB Key > Close. (This can be done from the homescreen.)

    Uptime Screen
    In portrait:
    !?123 (alt), hold down a couple secs to lock, then 1 ? 7 1

    In landscape:
    !?123 (alt), hold down a couple seconds to lock, then 2 * 9 2

    This will tell you your Signal Strenght, Battery Level, among other things.

    Search Email Sender
    Hold your finger over the received email for a couple of seconds and it will automatically do a search for and display only emails from that sender. Note - this does not appear to work with SMS and MMS.

    Music into Ringtones
    Any song loaded into your Music media library can be made a ringtone by BB Key > Set as Ringtone.

    Deleting Multiple Messages
    In any Inbox, tap and hold on one message. With a finger on it, touch to highlight another message. All messages in between will be highlighted too. You do not have to continue touching the first message - just touch up or down the list of messages and all will be highlighted. Great for mass deleting.

    Ive been hearing that GPS works with Google Maps only if you do not open and use VZW navigator first. Apparently, VZW Navigator locks the aGPS system to itself and disallows other programs from accessing it. (This is still up in the air from what Ive read, so please correct me if Im mistaken).

    I've found that if the phone is 'stuck' in landscape, pressing the Send key while in portrait will often times unfreeze it.
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    Good stuff; many more tips reside within this forum for those looking. For example http://forums.crackberry.com/f135/ul...s-only-100612/
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    Wow, thanks! Nice job.
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    My Pleasure
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