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    Anyone out there no how to protect the browser so that when I download my work enterprise software it doesn't take over my browser? I work for a bank and my browser is effectively worthless after the software is downloaded because it blocks almost all sites. I just bot the storm and will download the software on Monday.
    04-04-09 09:38 PM
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    If you are using your personal BlackBerry device on your employer's network, you are basically giving up all rights to your BlackBerry. Your employer's IT policy will control your device. If you are willing to accept those restrictions, that's fine. There's no way around them. Generally employers provide the BlackBerry when it used on BES. That way there's no ambiguity about who owns it. Letting your employer put BES on your own phone isn't usually a good trade-off, in my opinion.

    Not to mention you will have absolutely no privacy in your communications:
    Can a BES administrator read my PIN and/or SMS messages and see my phone call logs?
    Yes, if the BES is version 4.1 or newer and the device is o/s code 4.1 or later.
    • Starting with BES 4.1, the BES admin can log all PIN and SMS messages to the BES server, including the content of those messages.
    • BlackBerry Messenger messages and conversations can also be audited by the BES administrator.
    • In addition, the administrator can view all phone calls made/received to the device including date/time, number dialed, and the name of the person you are calling or who called you if that name is listed in your contact list.

    Source: BES Users FAQ - BlackBerryFAQ
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    Yup, you are basically giving up all your rights unless they change your permissions level. Some companies will still allow you to access the standard browser (for instance on my vzw bb i have two browsers the vzw one and the standard one) and thats a work around, but i still don't push it as everything is tracked. I'd never offer to put my storm on an enterprise server, thus why my 8830 is on it.
    04-04-09 10:02 PM