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    I've searched everywhere for help on this and can't find anything that will work. The symptoms:

    Plug storm into PC with mass storage mode disabled:
    • Desktop Manager works fine
    • Media Manager works fine
    • But when I look at My Computer the drives are funky. They show as "Removable Disk" and if you click on them it says "Please insert a disk into the drive"

    Plug Storm into PC with mass storage mode enabled:
    • I get drives named "BLACKBERRY1" AND "BLACKBERRY2"
    • I can copy files back and forth from the PC and SD card just fine

    So what's my problem you might ask since I can do all these cool things. What I can't do is use Rhapsody to go. In order to get Rhapsody music over, it needs to be in "mass storage mode disabled". In that state, the drives don't work.

    I've found a few threads that talk about similar issues:


    They suggest a bunch of things to try, which I have tried many times in many different orders:
    • Uninstall/Reinstall drivers on PC
    • Reformat SD Card
    • Remap drive letters to avoid conflict
    • Plug Storm in with DM running
    • Plug storm in w/o DM running
    • Use different USB port

    One of the reasons I went with the Storm over the iPhone was that I could use Rhapsody To Go.

    Anyone have any ideas? My 30 days has about 14 left in it, so I need to decide whether to give up on my Blackberry experiment.

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    Idk about DM so can't help. Sorry.

    Well-constructed post. U r hired!
    05-29-09 09:25 PM
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    Try the following:

    1) Make sure that your device isn't connected with the computer by the USB cable.
    2)Disable Mass Storage Mode from Options> Memory> Mass Storage Mode Support: OFF
    3) Enable Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to ON from the same location as above
    4) Set Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected to PROMPT.
    5) Start up DM and connect your device to your computer.
    6) Start up the Rhapsody application in DM.
    7) The Device should show on the left with the media card memory. Right click this and select Authorize from the menu.
    8) Now do the same for the media card memory.
    9) You should be able to drag and drop files to both drives now.

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    Thanks. I hadn't tried launching rhapsody from DM.

    Sadly it didn't help. When mass storage mode is off,
    The two drives don't show in rhapsody.

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    05-29-09 10:58 PM
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    Help? Anyone?
    05-31-09 04:51 PM