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    So yeah, it happend, dropped my phone in a puddle of water. Did the rice trick and waited 36 hrs. Turned it back on....(though the batter has a pink strip across it and the phone has the pink water damage thing inside the battery space) and it worked fine...vibrating was a little low, not as strong as it was and had edge...sent out two text messages and bam, no more edge. It only connects to at&t (i am a tmobile customer). I have no clue what to do or what that is. The radio is working because it searches for at&t which is weird. Oh and everything else works on the phone, touch screen, buttons, everything. I do have a hybrid (ooaks .692) on. Do you think if i swap out hybrids it would be able to work fine or what. I also have insurance but i dunno how tmobile is about unlocked phones and stuff ya know...so yah...any help would be great.

    Edit: k...so i tried to find a number in my phone and called it...why i tried this with no service have no idea, but all of a sudden it starts working and has edge (took off the data plan because i dont use it)....vibrating is still weak though

    Edit:...any help on getting the vibration back would be great lol...its very very low
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