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    So, I recently got a new Laptop for my small business. I bought one without internal bluetooth (didn't think I'd need it). Well, I decided that it would fun to have bluetooth intalled anyways. I went and bought a Targus ACB10US usb adapter. I'm running Vista and installed the appropriate Vista drives.

    After installation, Visa wants a CD to install drivers for my particular bluetooth enabled device (in this instance, my Blackberry Storm). I don't have any drivers to install. I just skipped this process. I went ahead and paired my Storm to this computer. It worked....kinda. I can get DM to synch but slowly and with errors.

    Every time I try to tether via bluetooth I get errors. It says something about "error getting device modem to initialize" or something.

    Any help will be appreciated. Am I having problems because Visa isn't truly recognizing the blackberry storm because I didn't have specific drivers installed? If so, where do I get them? Help!
    05-20-09 03:35 PM