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    OK, I was all excited when I saw the new leaked OS for the storm today. So I egarley downloaded the OS and while I was downloading I decided to back up my phone at it's current status.

    Before this planned upgrade I was running 103 on my phone and was loving it. So when I plugged in the phone for the backup the desktop manager application came up with a window saying that there was a new version of the core applications for my phone and if I wanted to upgrade. So, I figured it wouldn't be a problem and did so. By the time I did that the 109 download had completed. So I loaded that on and it took about 20 mins or so and my phone restarted. First think I noticed off the bat was that my call log Icon was now an outline of a old school phone with the dial on it. Which I don't really care about. Also, all my apps and downloads and everything were dumped in to my home screen so I had to go one by one and put them back where I am used to seeing them. When I launched quick launch the old version 1.3.1 was coming up so I figured I would go on to crackberry and download the new version 1.3.2 again as I did few weeks ago. After I downloaded it I used the desktop manager to load the app on to my phone without realizing that the app was still 1.3.1. But either way after the app was loaded I received a message saying "A fatal error has occurred please try the install again." Since then all the backups I have done have been erased from my local hard drive. I do about 2 to 3 backups a week and now they are all gone. Don't know what happened and could appreciate any help.
    02-24-09 12:35 AM