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    Just want to start out by saying i looked through a bunch of the the tutorial and how toos before i posted this.

    I had my phone plugged into my desktop looking through my media card for a particular photo of my son and decided to upgraded a game i had on my phone through the app store 2 nights ago since it needed it. When it got to the point where the phone needed to be restarted I said yes and while the phone was restarting i unplugged the connection from the desktop not thinking anything of it. The phone never finished restarting and now it would turn on at all i keep getting a solid like for like 10 - 15 seconds then it will go away for about 1-2 minutes and come back I tried using the steps to force an os load because that seemed liked the way to go from so many posts but i keep getting stuck at the Wait for initialization point it says it cannot connect to the phone please reconnect the phone and try again. At first i thought it was the cheap cable i purchased to keep at my office to charge or backup the phone so i brought in the OEM cable that came with the phone and still the same connection issue. With my sound on i can hear the phone connecting and disconnecting sound not sure if that matters. Is there anything i can do or is this a lost cause ? Any help at all even if its a duh you missed this post link or well you should stop trying its dead... Is greatly appreciated.
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    Does BB Desktop Manager recognize your device PIN when you plug the phone in with the usb cable? Do you have BBSAK installed on your PC?

    Maybe I'm aksing the obvious, but did you pull the battery yet? That may not help at this point though.
    Oh and what is your model # and OS?
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    BB Manager does not Recognize my pin when i plug it in it says it cannot connect and that i either need to reconnect or update my os. I was using .419 on my 9530 telus unlocked storm on tmobile hadn't run into any problems till that day. I frequently do backups to my phone. I do not know what bbsak is so i don't have it installed. The screen on the phone is staying black the apploader program is locking up at the device initialization step and saying it cannot connect to it.
    05-06-10 11:52 AM
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    BBsAK = BB swiss army knife - you can find it with a search.
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    Installed BBSAK and it can not connect to the device battery in or out. The apploader just says Unknown on the pin portion sorry for being so peace meal about the info i just keep forgetting to put information into previous posts.
    05-06-10 12:07 PM
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    BBSAK is a tool to wipe your phone, back up data and load a new OS. You can find links on Crackberry for the latest version to install on your PC. Looks like your gonna need to use it to wipe your phone.

    You'll need to install the OS you want to your PC first. Lyric's latest .419 based hybrid is .664 I think. Search for it under 9530 OS discussion. You may want give it a try. Here is how to do it:

    The hybrid comes with Shrink A OS which will clear out the junk apps you don't want to save memory space.

    When you get the os on your PC, instal it to your phone with BBSAK, pull the battery a few times, then put your backed up data back on with DM. the link above has all the instructions and it has never failed me.

    Keep in mind though, if you change to a different OS, you only really want to restore your contact and calendar data. Device settings and app settings created for a different OS may give you problems with the new one. I also reinstall my apps from scratch when I upgrade or reinstall. Just prevents problems later.

    Oh, your media card data is safe and will be there when you get up and running again.

    Good luck.
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    OK, restart your PC then check to see if DM sees your pin. Happens to me all the time. BBSAK will wipe the phone even if there is "no device recognised"
    05-06-10 12:15 PM
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    Restarted PC DM says "cannot communicate with device if the device is rebooting or has a dead battery click rety to attempt to reconnect onc4e the device reboots otherwise you might need to update the blackberry device software to correct the problem" BBSAK says "no device detected, Push ok to continue the only buttons that are click able once i do that except for connect and kill processes. Hooray for lil mistakes that cause big problems.. Could i be getting the device initilization issue because i'm trying to load the wrong os i'm trying to load the 5.0 version
    05-06-10 12:55 PM
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    Long shot, but you may want to try this:

    View Document
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    BBSAK, DM and Blackbery Master Control (if you have that) should still make a connection to your device, even if there is a nonfunctioning OS. Maybe your PC usb driver crapped out during the app update. That is why I suggested a restart. Try a different usb port, and check to see if the phone, when connected, shows up as a device/drive in the toolbar, and under My Computer.

    Also, when you do make a connection, You will need to delete the vendor.xml file before installing the OS. This is because you may not be using an os approved by your carrier. We do this all the time, and this would not have caused your problem. Search CB for 'delete vendor.xml' for instructions when you get to that point.

    Still you got to get BBSAK to find your phone to do a complete wipe first.
    05-06-10 02:59 PM
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    Know its been a few days since i started this but had to take care of some things before i could get cracking again on my phone. So just as an update i left the battery out of my phone over the weekend and when i brought it into work with me it was dead of course plugged it into my phone then into my computer and got a solid red light for awhile. then back to the old faithful red light blink scenario stays lit for about 22 second then off 5 seconds then back on for 22. It still makes the usb device plug in and unplug noise on my pc as it does this. Its not showing up as a device/drive in the toolbar or my computer. Downloaded the MCP (think about tron as i wrote that lol) and it says no device then 0 and asks for a password while the red light is one then back to no device once the red light turns off. DM still saying that it cannot connect BBSAK says there is no device to connect to. So i'm still not sure i've made any progress but to figure out that I'm either not gonna be able to save it or just not technically inclined enough to get it turned in the right direction.I am appreciative of the assistance i have been given and any further I may receive .
    05-11-10 12:58 PM
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    you have been BRICKED! lol idonno build a house with it or look up how to unbrick your phone.......
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    If the phone is cycling on & off then I don't think any of the computer based utilities are going to work. You can see if you can "catch" it at just the right moment before it shuts off...

    Might be time to see if your phone is still under warranty (mine was after 15 months) or if you have insurance to go visit the local store and swap the phone out. Who knows.. they may even be able to force a reboot.
    05-11-10 03:32 PM
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    phones unlocked and I'm using it on Tmobile purchased it used so thats not an option
    05-11-10 03:43 PM
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    Are you using a Blackberry usb cable, and have you checked with your PC device manager to see if your usb driver is working properly, or needs to be updated/reinstalled. I'm inclined to think there is a usb problem with your comp. Also try fully charging the BB with a wall charger before you plug it into a PC again.
    05-12-10 10:05 PM