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    Borrowed my friends Laptop to try and update OS. (I only own macs)

    She has Vista on in. Downloaded software from Verizon website. Installed it and it is only showing under program files/common files/research in motion

    Under App Loader folder I ran loader.exe This checked everything I have installed on my storm and did some kind of update?

    Instructions say to

    Back up data on Desktop Manager under Back up/restore option. I don't even think I ran Desktop Manager only Loader, whatever that is.

    Edit: When I double click on RIMDeviceManager nothing happens

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for your help!
    03-23-09 10:29 PM
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    Did you also download and install an OS to update too?

    Look in Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/Shared/Loader Files

    and it should show any OS that you have loaded on the PC as a separate folder.

    If you do not have an OS installed, then you need to install it and then do what is explained in the next sentence. If it is there then go to the AppLoader folder and delete the Vendor file and try to install again using Loader.exe
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    03-23-09 10:54 PM
  3. cabrilo's Avatar
    Thank you for your help.

    I am still afraid to do that as I do not feel I have backed my phone. Why does nothing happen when I click on RIMDeviceManager?
    03-23-09 11:09 PM
  4. djm1947's Avatar
    Where are you finding the "RIMDeviceManager" that you are clicking on? Are you sure you installed Desk Top Manager? That is the program you need.

    You can look in "run then Programs then Blackberry and you should see a blue Icon that is labeled Desktop Manger. If you do not see that, then you have not installed the correct program.

    You can also download the Desktop Manger from Blackberry.com. I would recommend using verison 4.6. Be sure to download the verion for the Storm 9530.
    03-23-09 11:22 PM
  5. cabrilo's Avatar
    I installed this

    BlackBerry® Software Updates

    hmm... maybe that is not desktop manager
    03-23-09 11:31 PM
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    Oh, I see what I did.

    Hold on let me try again. Thank you again for your help!
    03-23-09 11:37 PM
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    Ah forget it. 4 hours later, I give up.

    It's this f-ing Vista that is giving me trouble.
    Something is not right when I install DM. I did originally install software from Blackberry website, everything looks great. Finishes installation and I ask it to create a shortcut on desktop. It closes the window, no desktop shortcut, no sign of installation.

    This is why I assumed I had it installed. I also installed the software I posted above, which is just .75.

    I don't get it, but this is exactly why I no longer own a windows machine. I literally gifted the one I had left in the house.

    DJM1947, thank you for your support, but as it turns out I am not smart enough to install DM.

    I guess I will just wait for OTA - for idiots.
    03-23-09 11:53 PM