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    Hi Crackberry users, I'm just posting to see if anybody can help me with a doubt I have. I have a Storm 2 cellphone and I wanted to add a self-made theme on it, to make it more efficient. Anyway, before this cellphone, I had a Blackberry 8520, and I was doing fine with it, but now that I'm making a theme for a touch Blackberry, I have a lot of new doubts.
    First of all, how can I make a button which is able to move with the swipe of a finger? I mean for example, swiping my finger down to send the Slide Dock down, up or even to the sides.
    Also I have a 4x4 theme button area. Anyway the fourth row doesnt really fit in the entire screen, so I wanted to be able to move the buttons up and down. Supposing I can do that, how can I hide the extra area of the first row that is going to be left at the top?
    Sory if I couldnt explain myself very well, this are very complex problems.
    Thanks to you all for reading!
    04-06-13 10:51 PM
  2. Sartaknight's Avatar
    200 views and no replies? Is my problem really that complex, can nobody help me? Please guys
    04-30-13 10:17 PM

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