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    well i just upgraded from .75 to .141/5.0 hybrid and recently i noticed that i didnt have the option to send a MMS so i put the service books on the phone and got it back but now it wont send, wipe the BB and installed .141/5.0.93 and still and also when i go to send my service books thought host services it said not enuf data coverage when i got 4 bars
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    05-19-09 08:15 AM
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    05-20-09 02:38 AM
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    Try running Diagnostic Test

    Option > Mobile Network > Menu > Diagnostic Test > Menu > Run
    05-20-09 03:10 AM
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    it says APN list is Empty, put i did the ATT APN pw and user after i upgraded OS
    05-20-09 07:31 PM