1. alvia's Avatar
    LCD on my Storm is not lighting up. When I look at it from the right angle I can see that it's working but it's not lighting up. When i put pressure on the back of the phone sometimes the screen will light up. I took the phone apart and disconnected and reconnected the screen and it's still not. What could it be?

    04-22-10 09:18 PM
  2. Krypto's Avatar
    It sounds like one of the components has died. Any chances it's still under warranty? If so, take it in for a replacement. If not, you can try getting a replacement LCD screen (the LCD component - you likely don't need the exterior part), or you can buy a new phone. If you are with a carrier like Verizon, Telus or Bell, you can often buy refurbished phones from them at a discount when dealing with lost or damaged phones.
    04-23-10 01:56 AM
  3. paulabeth129's Avatar
    Refurbished phones at Verizon are 50 bucks. I know because I've been known to throw my phone a time or two
    04-23-10 10:55 AM