1. ntsczar's Avatar
    I have a 9530 unlocked and running on ATT. I like so many others am having issues with the radio. My signal strength is good most of the time, but keep not seeing EDGE, and when I do, it doesn't seem able to stay locked on it. I am running 132 straight up.

    I was thinking I would try the swap a radio but can not seem to find the older os or radio files. Or should I try one of the hybrids?

    Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.

    05-15-09 08:37 AM
  2. Bigdaddy2009's Avatar
    If you search for a User Lyricidal, he has a Radio swap program to do just what you are talking about, plus you should also find the radio files by finding him as well.
    05-15-09 08:49 AM