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    Hi guys/gals,

    So here is the deal. I was having dificulties with my BIS server exchange email account. My emails seemed to become delivered so sproadically. I talked to a tech at Rim and he told me that the BIS looks for email every 15min and delivers it. If it finds email, it will look again in 3 min. This made sense because my email was at most 15 min late (which I think is horrible)

    Anyway he saw that my address was IMAP enabables, so he set up the account as an Imap address. It works like a rocket. But here is the odd thing.

    I receive a message(A) to my inbox on both my laptop and BB. If I use my laptop to reply and send message (B), I receive a copy of message(A) to my BB. This only happens when forwarding or replying to an email on my laptop. I cant filter it because it is the origional msg(A) and it is address to me.

    Any help?? I am desperate.

    Thank you so much in advance....you guys rock
    05-27-09 05:37 PM