1. jstchilln120's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm not receiving my e-mails. I searched through all the previous threads but my problem seems to be a little different than what past users have experienced.

    I stopped receiving e-mails this morning and cannot get any on my phone. I checked under Manage Connections --> Services Status and it says that I am not connected to the BES. I am however connected to Mobile Voice and BIS.

    I tried going into my e-mail setup to try and re-send the service books, but I get the error message that says, "Your device encountered a problem wit this application's server". So really I can't seem to do much of anything right now.

    I keep reading about the BIS website but am not familiar with it or do not know the address. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    05-27-10 06:24 PM
  2. jstchilln120's Avatar

    I just went to the BIS website and it says that I may not access it through HTML and that I must access it through my phone.
    05-27-10 06:28 PM
  3. sbudaj's Avatar
    I am out too since about 3PM today.

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    05-27-10 06:56 PM
  4. JMountainDew's Avatar
    Yeah, it seems to be affecting a lot of us this afternoon. Neither my hotmail nor my gmail is coming through. So it's not just your handset, nor your particular model.
    05-27-10 06:59 PM
  5. TheOne01's Avatar
    I'm calling B.S. It's a blackberry for Christ's sake, of course you're receiving your e-mails!
    05-27-10 07:01 PM
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    I'm not receiving emails either, and it won't let me into the settings (same error message as the OP has), but I can still access internet. I'm not quite sure when it started, maybe early evening. I did a battery pull also, but nada.

    ETA: It's not just us. Apparently it's a network thing. See crackberry's front page.

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    05-27-10 07:27 PM
  7. Jaji_vzw8330's Avatar
    I'm calling B.S. It's a blackberry for Christ's sake, of course you're receiving your e-mails!
    LOL if you're so happy with your Droid why do you spend all day on crackberry dissing blackberries? Don't you have some apps you could be downloading from the ever expanding anroid market?
    05-27-10 09:34 PM