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    Ok before anyone says anything I did search around and tried several different options that were listed.

    I tried to upgrade to lydricals 148/5.0 from his 141/5.0, I am not sure but maybe I should have had 148 already installed? It was installed on my PC, but not my BB.

    Anyways, my BB's screen now says Reload Software: 507. I've tried following the instructions on a nuked/briked berry but no go. DM will not connect, although app loader will recgonize my PIN, and i have everything set to load and when it starts the process and says connecting to device, it goes from the little PC and BB icon back to the 507 screen and says it cannot connect. Someone please help! Thanks in advance.
    05-27-09 11:48 PM
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    Have you tried wiping the device and trying to reinstall the software? I've never had a bricked berry before, but I've seen a lot of people wiping their phones and such. Also, when I loaded this a first or second time (I can't remember) I got that for a second while it was loading, but it loaded just fine, but apparently that's not your case. Your's apparently just didn't install period. Sorry, I can't be much help.
    05-28-09 06:29 AM
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    Try going through the bottom sticky on the main page I think you'll find an answer there.
    Good luck with that

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    05-28-09 07:02 AM
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    You'll find detailed step by step instructions in the sticky: Sticky N00B HELP GUIDE: Upgrade/Downgrade, Backing up, BRICKED STORM!!! Your FULL Resource!

    I think you'll find the walk through easy to follow. I've bricked my Storm a couple of times, and basically wiped it with JL Commander, following Crucial_Extreme's instructions in the same sticky, then reloaded my OS.

    If using Lyicidal's 148/5.0, just follow his instructions. Be sure to not have your phone connected to your computer when you install on your computer. (I tend to forget to unplug mine...a disadvantage of being chronologically advantaged, or maybe it's just getting in too big of a hurry<<gg>>).

    If you have problems, the folks here in this forum will really jump in to help you get your BB back up and running. Great people helping all of us enjoy and maximize our productivity.
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    05-28-09 07:38 AM
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    Ok thanks all for your help but I got it working last night. Like I said it would recognize my pin but
    would not connect to the device when starting the install. What finally worked is when I then went back and
    unchecked the option for it to automatically backup my apps and then it worked fine.
    I didn't have to take my batt out or anything.

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    05-28-09 05:44 PM