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    I've used the search function to try and locate "Hot To Download New OS" and came up with nothing but new OS', hybrid OS', etc.

    My question is pretty basic, really, but I have no idea on how to go about this:

    How do you load up new OS to your BB Storm 2?

    The only way I know of is if your desktop manager has an update but seeing all these hybrid OS got me interested in trying to see which one works best for me. The problem is I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Can anyone post a tutorials, a step by step process on how to go about it with or without using the desktop manager?


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    06-30-10 01:26 PM
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    06-30-10 01:34 PM
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    I have exactly what you're looking for under way but not yet completed. So here's the short and sweet:

    Download an install device OS to PC - BlackBerry® Software Updates
    Download and install BBSAK - RIMGeeks.com • View topic - [Beta][10/25/09] BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife v1.7.0
    Connect device to PC via USB
    Start BBSAK and click WIPE OS
    Reboot device to white screen with 507 ERROR
    Click LOAD OS
    Click thru prompt in apploader
    Restore data, restore 3rd party apps

    That's it in a nutshell
    06-30-10 01:54 PM