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    hey baseball and non-baseball fans:

    I'll try to be as specific as possible...

    purchased the MLB gameday audio for the season, with no problem, and gained immediate access to the premium MLB mobile site

    since then, however, if I try to login, I get a 503:service unavailable error. [This is by going to https://wapsecure.mlb.com/account/login] What's weird is if I then go to MLB mobile's site [https://wapsecure.mlb.com], and navigate to settings, it allows me to log off -- seems I actually AM getting logged in but I can't really access anything

    I've tried everything, including changing back and forth b/w browsers.

    Anyone else experiencing this, or any thoughts?

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    bumping in the hope someone can help
    04-04-09 04:37 PM
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    Maybe they are working out the kinks

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    04-04-09 05:11 PM