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    Yeah so i have a blackberry storm on att runnging v5.0.0.328 (platform and i want to get EDGE not edge...please be specific and include lots of details(: thanks
    04-28-10 10:11 PM
  2. anon4705193's Avatar
    The first thing I would recommend is to update your OS to either or

    This is the link to download .591 : http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/le...0-591-a-459767

    This is how to get .419 (from the Storm OS subforum) Go to blackberry.com, click on support and services (top middle of page), then click on 'Blackberry Device and Desktop Software' (roughly middle of page, under the heading 'Desktop and Device Software'. Then click on 'access your service provider download site' (again middle of page) then choose a carrier (you'll probably want Telus, under North America (most recent .419 available), follow all the directions, save the file to your hard drive, then look up the whole procedure on this website (its here, I just don't have the link handy, search it though, its easy) DELETE the vendor.xml file, run loader.exe and life is good.

    This a link that explains how to upgrade http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/n0...esource-213706
    04-28-10 10:24 PM
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    04-28-10 10:37 PM
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    I'm replying to you here instead of PM. Read the last link in the post I posted above it is full details how to upgrade to the OS of your choice. Use the first link to download .591.
    04-28-10 11:19 PM
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    You have to first download .591 to your computer, then follow this

    Just plugging into your Desktop Manager will tell you there are no updates available because you're 1) trying to load a non-official OS 2) you're running a phone not on the carrier it was created for
    04-28-10 11:31 PM