1. MBG22's Avatar
    I loaded 148 on a new storm and noticed that I cannot simply press the screen to come on when it shuts off. I have to press and hold for 1-2 secs.

    I reloaded 148 and the problem when away, but it came back a few hours later.

    The phone runs great once the screen is active, fast selection etc, but I cannot get rid of this lag. When I lock it, I cannot even get the screen to come up unless I hold the lock button down for 2 seconds.

    I am lost and could use some help.

    Thanks in advance
    05-24-09 10:42 PM
  2. greydarrah's Avatar
    Never heard of that. If it were my phone, I'd go back to .75 for a couple of days. If it starts doing it again, take it back to Verizon. If it doesn't, try .132 for a couple of days, then back up to 148. Personally I think the 148/5.0 is the most stable OS out there.

    05-24-09 11:08 PM