1. gamegod81's Avatar
    I am extremely frustrated and cannot find information on how I'm supposed to do this. i have the LG Chocolate 8500 and I need to get all of my contacts onto my new Storm.
    I downloaded BitPim and I have the desktop manager, I've heard of people talking about syncing with outlook, but it doesnt look like BitPim exports the contacts into one file that i can import to Outlook all at once.
    All in all I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

    PLEASE help me, as I said before I am extremely frustrated at this point that I cannot figure this out.

    Thank you
    02-19-09 09:41 PM
  2. xtremegsr's Avatar
    BitPim is not a simple program without some knowledge of it (although it's not too hard). But yeah, you would more or less need to get them out of a program like that and then move them into outlook. You can sync them from there into your storm. Although it's probably going to be worth your time to just run up to your local wireless store and see if they can do it for you...
    02-19-09 09:53 PM
  3. JBrown22's Avatar
    yeah. i would say put them on outlook then to your storm. thats what i did. and everytime you hook up your bb it adjusts the outlook like if u added some or deleted some.
    02-19-09 09:57 PM
  4. gamegod81's Avatar
    The thing is, I dont know how to get them into outlook, or get them from outlook to my storm.
    02-19-09 10:05 PM
  5. LucasVictor#IM's Avatar
    the way i transferred my contacts from my earlier phone (it was HTC dash) was thru desktop manager. in one of the menu items, DM gives you two options, transfer contacts from another blackberry or transfer it from other phone. I tried the second one and it worked. Of course, you will have to connect both the phones to your computer at the same time.
    02-19-09 10:48 PM
  6. littlejackal's Avatar
    Just go to the Verizon Store, take both phones and they'll do it in a couple of minutes for you.
    02-20-09 05:08 AM
  7. rollout369's Avatar
    Bitpim and Outlook store contacts in different formats, so you can't just export from Bitpim into Outlook. What you can do, though it is more work, is to first export contacts from Bitpim into a CSV file. Then, export your contacts from Outlook into a CSV file. You do this so you can see the format that Outlook uses. Open the Outlook CSV file in Excel and look at the first row that contains the column headings. Reformat your Bitmpim CSV file so that its column headings match those used by Outlook. Once it does, import the Bitpim file into Outlook. This may not be the easiest way but it does work.
    02-21-09 09:14 AM
  8. Mordendrak's Avatar
    Take them to a VZW Corporate store and ask the techs to transfer the contacts. Easy peasy.
    02-21-09 11:05 AM