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    This is the first time i've run into an issue like this. I plugged my 9550 into the PC, everything went ok as usual. PC recognized the phone. However, when I went to the C: Drive to locate the "Removable Disk" drives that the 9550 is on, and clicked on it, a box appeared saying the following:

    "Please insert a disk into drive G:". Now i've tested my 9550, as well as my girlfriends 9550, on multiple USB cords, on Multiple USB hubs, and I keep running into this issue. Is there something that I should have done from my phone?

    I tested my old 8330 just to see if it would have the same problem, but it worked fine with no issues.

    Please help! Lol.
    04-13-10 12:12 AM
  2. Beskept's Avatar
    Nevermind, figured it out.
    04-13-10 12:16 AM
  3. z06mike's Avatar
    What was it? Mass storage mode?
    04-13-10 12:21 AM
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    Look for the "My Computer" folder in Windows Explorer, not the C: drive. You should see two BlackBerry folders if Mass Storage Mode is enabled. The two folders will have their own drive assignment. One is device memory the other is media card.

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    04-13-10 05:33 AM