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    I would like to set up a recurring appointment in my calender on my blackberry and have it remind me 15 min ahead of the time as well as send a sms reminder to my girlfriends dumb phone... so far i have the appointment set up for my bb reminder but i am stumped when i try to invite her to the appointment with a reminder via text sms..
    Is this even possible or am i missing something terrible simple?

    I have searched till i was ready to pull hair out. And Mods if i put this in the wrong location please advise and move if needed. Just need a little Crack help
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    06-06-09 09:39 PM
  2. Transfigured's Avatar
    Help folder > personal organizer > calendar.

    May only be able 2 send email.
    06-06-09 10:03 PM
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    she has a lg voyager without email. she forgets to take her mid day pill all the time and i forget most of the time too. since i cant always have my phone ringer on i was hoping to have my calender remind her for me.
    06-06-09 10:07 PM
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    Set calendar 2 remind u 2 send sms?!
    06-06-09 10:14 PM
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    SMS doesn't seem possible, with a calendar appointment the invitees can only be emailed due to that there is actually an attachment that is sent with the invitation message (an *.ics file, or iCalendar file, that email clients such as Outlook use). The file contains the "meeting" information and allows the invitee to accept, decline, change meeting time, etc.
    06-06-09 10:15 PM
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    Thanks everyone... i managed to figure out the calender on her phone... which suxs by the way. I have set up invites via email before and I am hoping that RIM would somehow add a feature like this to a future OS update. Not everyone that needs meeting invites or reminders are sitting in front of outlook or for that matter have a BB.(but they should!!!)
    06-06-09 10:24 PM