1. ftaoat's Avatar
    My blackberry storm automatically downloasds apps like Bing, My verizon, nfl mobile and when i delete these apps it re-downloads then. I need to shut off the automatic download feature. Does anyone know how to do this? Please help.. These stupid apps are taking up all my memory.
    08-31-10 01:19 AM
  2. LoSt180's Avatar
    The short answer to all those threads is this: 1)They're pushed from Vz. 2)The icons are NOT actual apps, rather links to download those apps. 3)They're not taking up all your memory. 4)Create a folder, move all apps to said folder, then hide that folder.
    08-31-10 11:55 AM
  3. BlackBerryBiker's Avatar
    +1 LoSt180
    08-31-10 10:26 PM
  4. Mr. Orange 645's Avatar
    No it doesn't....and No they're not.
    08-31-10 10:44 PM
  5. Ultrafied's Avatar
    These stupid apps are taking up all my memory.
    Unless you install these apps, they are only place holders for the install routine. They ARE NOT taking up all your memory. Sorry.
    08-31-10 10:48 PM
  6. Mr. Orange 645's Avatar
    I think the OP's problem is the fact that he has the Storm 1, not the Storm 2. The S1 was low on memory to begin with, especially with 5.0. Add a memory leak in there, and I can easily see why he would think the launchers were eating up his memory.
    08-31-10 11:48 PM