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    Hi there,
    I successfully transferred my contacts from my Storm to my 2008 Prius via bluetooth when I first got my phone a couple of days after Verizon released it. After having my Storm for about three weeks, it was stolen from me at Target. The problem is, I didn't ever connect my DM to it. The only backup of my contacts is in my Prius. My replacement Storm is here, but I am unable to successfully restore my contacts FROM my Prius to my new Storm. Is it even possible? I do have my contacts from my old 8703e in my laptop, but was hoping I could avoid that process, and simply get them from my car. Any suggestions?
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    12-28-08 01:28 PM
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    When you first got your storm, did you have your contacts transferred from your old phone? If so, just bring your old phone and your new storm to a verizon store and get your contacts transferred again.
    12-28-08 01:30 PM
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    Do you have your contscts backed up in outlook?
    12-28-08 01:33 PM
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    I don't think you can BT transfer contacts from your car, it has to be done via DM.
    12-28-08 01:51 PM
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    Cars these days... sheesh.
    12-28-08 01:53 PM
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    What you have to do is take that "Prius" and download a gernade into the dash! Pull the pin and push it down a hill and jump out!

    J/k man, but I do not know how anyone can drive one!
    12-28-08 01:59 PM
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    J/k man, but I do not know how anyone can drive one!
    It is an environmentally friendly car that gets 40 MPG. I wouldn't drive one, but if I had a wife I'd force her to drive one. Less gas bills to pay
    12-28-08 02:00 PM
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    Thanks to all who replied. It will have to be Outlook that I use to restore my contacts. My old 8703e (which I really loved), was taken over by my eighteen year old daughter, and wiped.
    Now, I guess I will get out the DM, download it, etc..and get my contacts from outlook.
    I am not really proficient with the laptop BB sync, as I've attempted to upgrade os with my 8703, and never had true success. I did manage to get my contacts into my old phone though. I was simply trying to avoid that method.
    Thanks again....oh, yeah, and btw: my husband drives a Toyota Tacoma PU, and yes, the Prius was purchased by him for me.
    12-28-08 06:45 PM
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    he drives a tacoma and sticks you with the prius? does he have an iphone too?
    12-28-08 11:12 PM
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    No, he's too hard on all of his stuff to ever have an i anything....now, after three broken phones (lg env, and two chocolates...hmhm...), he has what was described to him as an indestructible phone, the Boulder. Yeah, I think that's it...whatever....
    But hey, I did the DM thing, and connected my phone. I remembered that last year, after leaving sprint for verizon, I was transferring my contacts from one 8703e (sprint), to verizon's 8703. Mistakenly, I "swapped" them...making my one day old verizon bb a sprint. I had to take it in, they couldn't figure out how to restore it to the default settings, and ended up giving me a brand new one. I eventually dowloaded my contacts from my outlook, not my previous phone. Therefore, when I was prompted to choose what method to use with this current phone, (Storm) I chose to "restore" from my backed up verizon 8703bb. As long as I didn't "swap" I thought it would be cool. So, I did that. My contacts and EVERYTHING ELSE is now in my Storm, but nothing remained from my activity previous to the restoration. In other words, I have messages, etc from november, and then nothing until today. I also lost my browser, but was able to get it back last night. I'm kinda afraid to do much more because I think I will mess it up.
    12-30-08 02:05 PM