1. TOBASCO's Avatar
    I can't figure this out for the life of me.

    I'm trying to access all the software apps that I've downloaded via the Crackberry store or from this site. When I go to "MY ACCOUNT", all it lists are those things to change my Member Account Settings (like my password, avatar, email address, etc - or to "visit" some other areas of this site to buy something.

    But what I can't find is the "Software" page that shows my what I've purchased and what software updates that I might have for those I've downloaded.

    What am I missing? Where's the link? Is it so obviously in front of my that I'm just not seeing it, or what?

    The ONLY way I seem to be able to access it is when I do receive an email that shows an update, and tells me to go to My Account and get the update - fortunately there's a direct link to it from there, but don't you think there should be that access from My Account??

    Help the stupid one!!
    04-04-09 02:33 PM
  2. lazysnowdog's Avatar
    had this problem too.

    access it via your email.. app store-log in via email-plug it in...if your password doesnt jive, have them send one to you and change it.

    it was goofy for me a little bit, too.
    04-04-09 02:39 PM
  3. lazysnowdog's Avatar
    then go to "my apps."

    i think this was what you were asking....
    04-04-09 02:40 PM