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    i know it works because im able to get calls and text msgs. i cant get emails, and browser doesnt work. i tried whats in the "how To" but still no dice, i also have loaded version 607-hybrid 699... by lyricidal.... please help me get bbm in it, or browser to work... i have an active BIS account/ and data plan... please help me... or re direct me to a threat, cuz i loooked and still dont work what others have tried... thank you for your help a fellow new 9550 user will thank you for ever
    06-04-10 01:45 PM
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    I have the exact same issue right now. It just started on Wed. I can make and get calls. Direct TCP connections work, but the device will not connect to the BB network...so no browser, BBM, email, etc. I've tried everything. 2hrs on the phone with TMO was not help. I also have a 9700 and everything works fine with that device. There is something up with the 9550 and TMO, but I doubt the .607 OS triggered it. Check if your Host Routing Table is empty...mine is...that means that TMO is not provisioning the device as having a valid data plan (which is completely untrue...and the TMO folks have no idea what's happening).

    So, for now, it's back to my 9700...could be worse I guess.
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    06-06-10 11:59 AM
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    Redbutt PM. I think I can help u already... But I hope u get luckier than what I've. PM me and we'll talk...

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    06-07-10 11:51 PM
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    I'm having the same issues as both of you. I put my SIM into my brothers curve and the browser was active and it showed EDGE, so it let me know that my data plan was working. But for some reason its not coming up on the Storm2.
    06-08-10 12:05 AM
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    Same here. Rim and T-Mo are idiots and have no answers other than we cannot gaurantee function of unlocked handsets on our network. *Le Sigh
    06-08-10 12:34 AM
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    Ja. U need to upgrade to 607. And check out berryology.com... U'll see there's a way around to make it work... But is a real pain...
    Illwun..... Not really rim I'll say are a bunch of idiots that don't wanna push verizon to get the pIN release for tmo.... Tmo is doing a great job getting things done on their end... I always support my tmo CSRs.... :d

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    06-08-10 12:50 AM