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    Being new to the forum I can't find a place for a newbe to ask a question, so here goes...
    I want to be able to click my "contacts" icon and see all my contacts listed. Now when I click on "contacts" I get a screen showing "Personal" at the top and add contact below it. I can't get to my list from here it seems, and the ONLY way I can see my list is hit the call "green phone" button at the bottom left corner then click on the contact icon on the upper right of the screen.

    I have the useless book that came with it AND Blackberry Storm for Dummies...but neither helps....or I'm to stupid to find any help.

    If this should be somewhere else please let me know and I'm sorry for being in the wrong place.

    It is a Verizon Storm.........

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    02-12-09 12:15 PM
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    I deleted the two "filters" or whatever you call the "personal" and "business" lists and now get my contact list when I click the "Contacts" icon. Is this the only way to do this?
    02-12-09 12:37 PM
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    Wow I have not had this problem. But agreed change the filter.

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    02-12-09 12:46 PM
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    I was having the same exact problem on my Pearl Flip and deleted both Filters and now everything is working fine. Thanks for posting that question it really helped me!
    02-12-09 02:30 PM